Leading wholesaler of food grains since 1986

We are a Bengaluru based leading wholesaler of food grains (pulses, rice, wheat, green peas, etc.) with over 3 decades of experience serving customers across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in semi-wholesale, retail (traditional, modern and e-commerce), hotel, restaurants and catering businesses.

Serving 200+ clients across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

We have been the trusted suppliers for many established retailers and best quality hotels with some of the oldest relationships being supplied for over 2 decades. Our customers see us as their extended team/partners and not as just vendors.

Our value add to our clients:

  • We procure from over 200 millers across India to get the best deals for our clients in terms of price and quality

  • We deal with transparency and always look for long term relationships with our clients

  • Our strength lies in our understanding of quality and our grip on most updated market information - we apply our decades of understanding of the market to source the best for our clients

Some of our renowned clients

Strong supply base of over 200+ millers across more than 10 states and 65 districts of India

We have a vast supplier base all over India of over 200 millers and food processors who have been our trusted partners for many many years.

These suppliers range from small to large processors supplying all types of food grains including pulses, wheat, rice and peas.

We have very strong relationships with these suppliers and have been able to consistently source high quality food grains at the best prices over 3 decades.